293 Euston Road - London (1860)


The room was over a soup kitchen.

You will be glad to hear the Lord has blessed his word at the large gathering in Cumberland Haymarket; many, indeed, have been brought out of darkness into marvellous light every evening our brother Richard Weaver has spoken; but yesterday evening (10th June) the Lord especially manifested his quickening power. There were between two and 3000 present and hundreds of the vast concourse of working men and women seem deeply moved as the preacher exhorted them to decide now for Christ. At the conclusion, those who were anxious about their souls were asked to adjourn to the room, 293 Euston Road, When about 500 were crammed into the place; the scene will be long remembered by those who saw it. Whilst Richard Weaver was relating a deathbed scene he had witnessed at Rochdale, many cries arose from all parts of the room to the Lord for mercy; one poor woman seemed completely prostrated and writhed in agony, her eyes fixed on the ceiling of the room, calling in the most piteous accents for Jesus to save her, and blessed by the Lord, she went out of the place her countenance beaming with joy at having obtained that peace which passeth all understanding.    

From, 'The Revival', Volume iI, 23rd June, 1860. 

Working men and women have been nightly gathered here and during the last seven months hundreds of souls have been saved - forty on one night.

From, 'The Revival', Volume iii, 11th August 1860.



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