Burscough (1864)

Dear Sir, -Some time ago prayer was asked in your paper for this place and neighbourhood, and I promised that when the answer came it should be acknowledged through the same medium. When I look back upon the past few months, my heart fills with love to Christ, and longs its glorious matter to declare. I would not at present attempt t number the converts, but I am sure that many families have been led to the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins the world. The good work is more
manifest in the villages around here. Scores of colliers, rough, drunken men a few months ago, wandering about from one beer-shop to another on the Sabbath-day, may now be seen in the house of God with their wives and children, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in their right mind. One man, the keeper of a large new public house, told one of his friends that if this Revival goes on much longer, he will have to shut up his house for nearly all his best customers have been converted. Praise the Lord. I call upon the readers of the Revival to unite with me and the dear young converts here in giving humble and hearty thanks to Him who only can make the wilderness into a fruitful field, and the desert to bud and blossom as the rose. I will conclude by giving you one case of many that will show that this blessed work is of God. Some weeks ago I met a man in Ormskirk market, with his arm broken through fighting. A short time ago I had given him a tract and spoken to him about his soul until the tears ran down his cheeks. As we stood in the street and his broad chest heaved with emotion, he promised me he would give his heart to God, and lead a new life. On Sunday, July 3rd, I commenced a fortnight's special services at Ormskirk, for which prayer was asked in the Revival, and this same man, after working hard all day as a blacksmith, came every night for a fortnight, a distance of nearly five miles each way, to the meetings, and he took part in prayer and fellowship meetings and now his wife and son are rejoicing in a new-found Saviour. Before I left Ormskirk this dear brother would make me accept a little present of five shillings towards my expenses. Will the readers of your paper pray for him, as he has many temptations from former companions. I am at present (July 26th) labouring at Burscough, near Ormskirk, where the Lord is pouring out a rich blessing. Last night we had a meeting in a barn, which was packed to the doors and the power of God was present to heal. Eight left their names as having found peace in Jesus. The devil is raging.
Pray that Jesus may have a glorious victory. If any of my Heavenly Father's stewards would send a grant of tracts, they would be very acceptable, as I am one of his poor rich labourers.-Yours very truly in Christ,

"The Revival", August 4th, 1864.

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