Carrickfergus (1874)

The work in Belfast goes on wonderfully. In a large number of churches and schoolhouses in the town and suburbs, evangelistic services have been held every evening this week. The attendance is always large, and there are many inquirers. From Antrim come the good tidings that the nightly meetings there are crowded, and there is no meeting at which some do
not find the Saviour. In Carrickfergus the services are still most interesting; and, in fact, all over the North of Ireland there seems to be a new spirit abroad,- a spirit of inquiry about spiritual things, and especially about the way of salvation, such as we have not seen since 1859. There was one meeting this week which deserves peculiar mention--a service for women only, in Brown Square schoolroom, on Tuesday evening. The streets around are inhabited by the very poorest of our people. There were 300 or 400 women present; and the lady who presided, and who has been accustomed to conduct such meetings in London and elsewhere, speaks of it as the most earnest and attentive meeting she has ever addressed. Our noon prayer meeting has been exceedingly pleasant and profitable for the past few days. The attendance is good, the requests for prayer are many, and the proceedings very lively. "Earnest and continued prayer' was yesterday requested on behalf of a young man who attended this meeting so long as health permitted, but who is now dying in consumption and is still out of Christ." A clergyman remarked the other day, that those towns which, in the time of Chicago's distress, had come forward with their sympathy and money to her help, were now receiving a rich return from her - not in gold and silver, but in the faithful and wondrously successful labour of these two beloved brethren, whose words have been blessed by God to the conversion of so many souls.

"Times of Blessing," Nov 19th, 1874.

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