Batley (1874)

Since Christmas, this circuit has been visited with a gracious quickening. At Batley a gracious work has been steadily in progress. The classes at the principal chapel here have been quickened have been quickened and many young persons have given themselves to Christ. At the beautiful Batley Cross Bank, which God has so significantly prospered, at a leaders meeting held earlier in the year, it was resolved that a week should be set apart in the classes alone for special prayer for an outpouring of the Spirit. This was followed by a week of public prayer and this by a week of public preaching services. So striking were the effects that another week of prayer and effort became a necessity. Night after night souls were saved. In connection with these services the resident minister invited the leaders and stewards to his own house for tea and the evening was spent in a recital of personal experiences and a re-consecration to God and his work. The Sunday school experienced this reviving blessing.--Methodist.

"The Christian", March 26th, 1874.

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