Branton (1864)

As I have been in the habit of reading your worthy paper for a long time, I thought I should like to send you news that I am sure will interest you, as well as many of your numerous readers. There have been in the Free church here, a few weeks since, religious services, conducted by a Mr Murray, native of Wick. I believe he was a cooper and wrought as such up till better than three years ago, when he was employed as a missionary by Rev Dr Bonar, Kelso. He is a powerful preacher, and hundreds flocked to hear him. Although he was not much known here, a large attendance waited on him on the Sabbath, when he preached for the Rev D. Munro. He also preached in the evening, when the church was densely crowded, and many left, not being able to obtain a seat. On each of the week evenings the church, which is a large one, was densely packed, an hour before the time. Many come from four and six miles; and when they once come, they don't fail to return. In Alnwick he had 1,000 every night for three weeks; and at Glanton, and Branton and Felton and Wooler and Harebattel, the same great success. And not only so, but some marked results have followed. Indeed, in North Sunderland, some are going every night to hear him, who never used to cross the door of a church. I believe he has preached for ten of our ministers in Northumberland, and with the blessing of God seems destined to do a great work. He handles his text powerfully; and not only the poor come to hear him but the rich.

"The Revival," March 10th, 1864.

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