Nuneaton (1862)

Warwickshire.—A brother writes from Leamington: Last month at Nuneaten a place fearfully dead, we held a week of special services. The Spirit of God was poured down upon us, and scores have found peace. Some nights more than twenty could rejoice together, having salvation through the precious blood of the Lamb. A young girl of nineteen was dancing on the Saturday night. On the Sunday afternoon she was in high spirits, telling her neighbours of her exploits, and boasting of her dancing all the coming Christmas week. She was taken ill, and the next day at the same hour she was dead. Her mother and father came to chapel; the Word came with power; they sought and found mercy through the precious blood of the Lamb, and are now rejoicing in the God of their salvation. At another village three miles off, after a tea-meeting, twenty found peace; and the blessed work is still going on. To the Lord be all the glory! I have seen some glorious displays of the saving power of God's grace in many places, and the constant impression on my mind is "work while it is day." I always feel a longing for souls, and have made up my mind to go anywhere the Lord may open a door for me. May God direct the way.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 37.

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Location unknown.

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