Lambeth Baths (1863)

The following is another of Mr Carter's letters relating to a series of Tea-meetings held at the beginning of the year: -
The Lord continues to give blessing in the Lambeth baths. Near two thousand persons have come together on each Sunday evening. God has given power in testimony; the people have been riveted, and many have remained behind after each service for conversation. On Monday and Tuesday evenings hundreds have flocked to the Victoria hall to hear the gospel again from my lips, and many have been savingly converted to God. Some have already been received into church fellowship who were converted at the Lambeth baths. But these services will end in a few weeks, and then I shall be cast upon the Lord for a place large enough for the masses to flock to, for the Lord has given me a hold on the working classes of the South of London so that I need a place capable of accommodating four or five thousand people; but my soul is stayed on that blessed word. Jehovah liveth.

"The Revival," March 26th, 1863.

Additional Information

The building is long gone.

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