Harpurhey Union Chapel (1861)

During the past ten weeks a very refreshing and successful series of Revival services have been held daily, in connexion chiefly with Union Chapel (Inde­pendent and Baptist) and the Primitive Methodists. Meetings for supplication have been held in the dinner-hour daily in the Independent-school-room or in the Primitive Methodist chapel; these have been well attended and very encouraging, and services every night. Considerable numbers from sur­rounding places have received spiritual benefit, and scores (at least) of all ages and both sexes profess to have come into the glorious liberty of the children of God. The influence on the young has been very delightful, and the Sabbath-schools have been both increased and improved. Salvation has come to many a house hitherto without God, and a holy stimulus has been imparted to many a fainting Christian soul. Two features about the services have been very interesting. First, the move­ment has been eminently unsectarian. Opportunity has been given to Christian men of good character, and acceptable gifts from various Christian denominations, to take an active part in it, which they have profitably done. Hence, secondly, the good work has been a company, a co-operative one; no one person has been the main instrument. Christian reader, pray that the young converts may be strengthened in the faith and that our city of Manchester and our important county of Lancashire may speedily enjoy "showers of blessings." E. H. WEEKS.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 119.

Additional Information

The chapel stood where marked.

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