High Church, Paisley - D L Moody (1874)

The Rev A. Henderson, United Presbyterian minister, sends us the following account of the work in Paisley:-

During the week of prayer in the beginning of the year, we had a series of daily meetings in Free St Georges Church, which were attended by numbers that steadily increased till the close. A deep impression was produced, and earnest desires were expressed that Messrs Moody and Sankey might visit the town.

Shortly after the close of the week of prayer, a meeting of ministers of various denominations was called in the usual way, by circular signed by the senior minister of the town.

Almost all denominations were represented at the meeting, and it was unanimously agreed to send a requisition to Messrs Moody and Sankey, asking them to visit Paisley. This requisition was signed by more than two-thirds of the evangelical
ministers of the town. It was agreed at the same time that a daily prayer meeting should be commenced. That meeting has been regularly held since the end of February in Oakshaw United Presbyterian Church. United evangelistic meetings have been also held on Monday and Thursday evenings. These meetings have occasionally been addressed by those who had taken a part in the movement in Edinburgh and Glasgow. After some of these meetings a few inquirers remained to be conversed with and some were brought to peace in believing. Thanksgiving was offered the other day for one who was brought to the light while Mr Wilson of the Barclay Church was speaking. 

On Wednesday this week Mr Moody came among us. The mid-day prayer meeting held in Mr France's church was crowded. Long before the hour announced, the Abbey was filled to hear one of his Bible lectures, and in the evening the Free High Church was crammed in every corner. More than 2000 people must have been present. Mr Moody spoke from John iii, on the
necessity of the new birth. A very deep impression was made, and about forty inquirers were individually conversed with, many of whom departed rejoicing. On Thursday Mr Sankey came. The Free High Church was again crowded an hour before the time of meeting. Free St. George's was also opened and filled to overflowing. A number of inquirers were spoken to in the
latter place and about sixty remained in the Free High Church. Mr Moody returned yesterday. He addressed the mid-day prayer meeting, gave a Bible reading in the Free High Church at 4 o'clock on "Heaven" and addressed the meeting in the same place in the evening. An hour before the time the large building was crowded in every part; not an inch of standing
room was left. About 200 inquirers remained. The scene was most impressive. The whole area of the church was occupied by groups of men and women, many of whom were weeping most bitterly, while ministers and Christian friends were engaged in speaking to them of Christ. At the close, Mr Moody gathered the inquirers together and asked all who could say now that they could cast themselves on Christ to stand up and sing "Just as I am," when the great majority stood up. It was a sight to be remembered for a lifetime. The cloud of blessing has burst over us at last. The prayers of God's children have been
answered, and their hearts refreshed. Brethren of all denominations have come together and have wrought together for a common end.

"Times of Blessing," April 18th, 1874.

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