Bristol (1865)

It may rejoice the hearts of many of the Lord’s people to hear of the blessed work which was carried out at Bristol on Wednesday and Thursday ( October 18, 19), resulting in we believe the conversion of many precious souls to Jesus. On Wednesday night, the Rev W Haslam preached in the Bethel ship from the words, “I know that my Redeemer liveth,“ Truly it was “the voice of one“ whom we felt to be in our midst, even “the Master of Assemblies,“ speaking by the message and through the messenger, in words of convicting, converting, quickening and reviving grace. The ship was crowded, tears streamed down the cheeks of hoary-headed sinners, anxious ones were stricken to the very ground, crying out from broken and contrite hearts, “What must I do to be saved?“ They were pointed to Jesus, they looked, were healed and went forth on their way, rejoicing in a present salvation. Amongst the congregation were many Cornish sailors from Hayle, who had found peace in Jesus under Mr Haslam‘s ministry of some years since and who, on this occasion stood up to declare the Lord’s preserving Grace, and to rejoice that many others were being brought into the fold.

On Thursday, Mr Haslam held two other meetings at the Rev W. Bradbury‘s, 5 Belle Vue, Clifton. In the morning, the address was to believers, in the evening to the unconverted. The word was accompanied with the same power as on the previous night, and many were brought under its influence. One man gave his experience as follows: – “I would like to tell what the Lord has done for my soul, that the heart of his dear servant may be encouraged in the blessed work of preaching Christ. Last night I came to the Bethel; the word was as fire to my soul, it came with such power. I sought and was found of Jesus. Bless His name, I can say now, “I know that my Redeemer lives.“ I am not the only one; many others were brought last night to the feet of Jesus. After we left the Bethel, on our way home, our hearts were filled with praise, and we sang, 'My Jesus, I love thee; I know Thou art mine.' One poor woman broke down, and asked the Lord to help her sing it too and before she reached home she did sing from her heart, 'My Jesus, I love thee; I know Thou art mine.' The Lord keep us steadfast.“

"The Revival," October 26th, 1865.

Additional Information

I do not know where Bethel ship was.

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