Dunse (1874)

The showers of blessing so copiously poured out on our land at present are in great mercy descending also here. For a considerable time past we have held different series of evangelistic meetings, at which a deepening interest has been shown by the people in spiritual things. In these, we have had the occasional help of ministers and evangelists from other places, and their visits to us have been attended with good. We have for a number of months kept up a united evangelistic meeting every Sabbath evening, which has been largely attended, and an evident blessing from on high has come down on this gathering from time to time. The youth of our town and neighbourhood are at length deeply stirred to anxious inquiry about salvation, and not a few of them have, we trust, been brought to Christ. We had recently a visit of a deputation from the Young Men's Evening Meetings in Edinburgh, and their meetings with our young people have been blessed. Numbers of both young men and women have been awakened to anxiety about their souls; some have, as far as appears, found true peace in Jesus and others are asking their way to Zion with their faces thitherward. Most interesting special meetings are being held weekly, one among young men, another among young women, at which the attendance is large and intense earnestness evinced. In connection with this evangelistic movement three household meetings have been held every Thursday night in different districts in the town, in order to reach those who have lapsed from attendance on religious ordinances; and these have been accompanied with the happiest results. Not only have some been thus brought under the sound of the gospel who were neglecting the great salvation, but they have been awakened to conviction of sin, and to ask, "What must I do to be saved?' In these latter meetings, the young men who have lately got blessing themselves, have been of great help, and are receiving good to their own souls in Christian work. By two and two they are visiting the houses in each district before the meetings and inviting the people to attend, thereby keeping alive the interest in religion in the locality, and also quickening the fervour of their own first love. Altogether we thankfully record, to the praise of sovereign grace, the conversion, as we believe, of not a few to Christ among us; and such is the spirit of inquiry and impression in our midst, that we look and wait in prayer for our gracious Lord to open the windows of heaven, and pour us out a blessing till there be not room to receive.

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