Peel, Isle of Man (1874)

This place is now being visited with that divine breath which quickens into new life dead and dying souls. While showers of blessing have been descending in many parts of England and Scotland, we have not remained  "unwatered still and dry," but we can exclaim with gratitude and joy to the Head of the Church, "Thou, O God, didst send a plentiful rain, whereby Thou didst confirm thine inheritance when it was weary."

For the past few months, the spiritual languor of our societies has been the subject of earnest thought and prayer. We received answers by occasional conversion during the regular services of the sanctuary.

This encouraged us to devote the first fortnight in January to special prayer and intercession; when about the middle of the second week we received a special baptism of the Holy Ghost. Many were "pricked in the heart, and cried out in their distress, "Men and brethren, what shall we do?" The meetings have been continued ever since, night after night we have had visible displays of God's grace so that already we have upwards of one hundred converted and gathered into church fellowship.

This blessed work is not confined to the town merely but is spreading throughout the circuit, other societies are catching
the flame, and are being stirred up to prayer and work. One in particular, which for years has almost been a spiritual wilderness, is being quickened into new life and beauty so that it now begins to rejoice and blossom as the rose.

This work is taking place among all classes and ages. Many of our elder Sunday scholars have been brought under its
influence so that a special class for their encouragement and instruction has been commenced. We have had many striking cases of conversion, and have witnessed some soul-stirring and blessed sights. Parents and children clasped in each other's
arms, husbands and wives rejoicing together in newfound joy and pardon, and in some cases almost entire households have been won to Christ.

We rejoice the more because the work has been commenced and is being sustained under the ordinary minister. No stranger
has been brought in to our assistance, and the means employed have not differed from the ordinary working of a circuit. United prayer and work have linked us to the Mighty One and brought into exercise that power which shall ultimately bring
all men into living and loving union with Him whose "Name is above every name."

We unite with the various churches in praising God for these manifestations of his power. The kingdom is his, the power is His and to Him we ascribe all the glory. 

"The Christian", March 12th, 1874.

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