Reawick Congregational Church - Shetland (1864)

Mr Laurence Fraser writes:- More than twelve months have now elapsed since the Revival movement began. In the chapel at Sand, where I laboured alone, I had often to dismiss the meeting sooner, from the manifestation of feeling about to overflow. I saw strong men weeping like children. Individuals were awakened from a toughtless to a thoughtful state, sitting in their own
houses, while walking by the way, or lying on their beds, on whom and for whom no special efforts had been put forth. A great many seemed in what I may call the crisis of their being, and to guide the mind at such a time seemed to me solemn work in the extreme. Of the number awakened I have hardly any idea, but of those who came my way, the greater part continue to hold the truth they have received. I am happy to say that the reaction which commonly follows times of awakening has not overtaken us, and I hope will not. I never saw such attendance as during the winter, often even on the weeknights crowded to excess. I have wondered to see the perfect stillness that pervades in all our meetings. I have no doubt in saying that God visited us in  a special manner, that many turned to God, and that many professors were moved. Since last summer, about
sixty have been added to our fellowship. Upon the whole, we have great cause of thanksgiving to God. I trust the Congregational Union is doing a good work here, which I hope God will continue. As their agent, I feel honoured, and while God grants strength, I hope to take pleasure in spending and being spent, while it comforts me to think that my successor will have a smoother path.

"The Revival," July 28th, 1864.

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