Hankham (1862)

I have also to tell your readers of a blessed answer to prayer, offered by many of themselves, for some hamlets in the parish of Westham, near Eastbourne, on the coast of Sussex, respecting which you have more than once in­serted requests for prayer. Very many souls have been set at liberty in these hamlets, and very many, many are still seeking the Lord, and within the last few weeks the Lord has sent there a devoted young minister, to be curate of the parish. I have not been able to go down there for a good while to write you any particulars, but I give you a part of one of the last letters I have received, showing the pre­sence of the Lord in the meetings:—

Hankham, near Eastbourne.--Dear Brother,—According to promise I write to let you know a little how we are getting on at Hankham. I went yesterday to hear the new curate, and believe him to be a real, earnest Christian, a plain, honest-speaking man; nothing like man-pleasing about him. May God bless him abundantly is my earnest prayer. The meetings still fill to overflowing. Last night the new minister was at the "dog-house," and the place was so full, many had to go away. Brother — was at the sea-side, and there they were quite full, and my meet­ing at Mrs.--'s was crammed, and God was there to save. We sang for the last hymn, "Christ for me," then I engaged in prayer, and a young woman from---, who has come down here for a week, fainted, and when she came to herself her first words were, "Christ for me; and at the same time a young woman stood in the middle of the room with her hands uplifted, crying, "God have mercy on me! Christ wash me!" and before she left, she repeated over and over again, "I have got Christ! I am happy forever." The young woman from — was at the house this morning to prayers, and she was rejoicing in the Lord. She returns to London to-night. I have given her some of The Lord's Jewels and some books to take with her. Will you let our dear brother — have this, that we may rejoice together, for I know that he has offered up many, many prayers on our behalf. And may God bless you both abundantly is the prayer of this unworthy worm.

Ever yours in the Lord. W.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 169.

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