The Rotunda Theatre - Blackfriars, London (1861)

Services are continued every Sunday night by workingmen. Many Roman Catholics have been converted lately. Since the theatre has been open for preaching, nearly 500 persons herer professed conversion to God. On the Sunday night, after the commencement of the great fire, a man lay on the steps at Blackfriars Bridge and a young man went down the steps and gave him a track. He said the tract was no use to him, as he knew he was lost and nothing but hell was before him. The young man told him that an engine driver was going to preach in the Rotunda close by and after much persuasion the man came in. He was greatly wrought upon during the preaching and at the close when the preacher, after singing the first verse of the hymn, "Christ for me", asked anyone there who would say from the bottom of his soul for the first time, "Christ for me!" To put up his hand, this poor fellow put up both hands and cried aloud, "I can say 'Christ for me! Glory be to God, I can say 'Christ for me!' He came forward at the request of the preacher and told the congregation that he'd been for hours waiting on the steps of the bridge for an opportunity to drown himself, but so many people were near that he had not been able to affect his purpose and in observed. And when the young man brought him the tract, he thought, by the time the meeting was over it would be dark enough for him to throw himself into the water without being seen. He had a wife and six poor children and heartily thanked God for having saved his soul and that instead of death he was then brought to life. He has been at the Rotunda every Sunday night since and it's still trusting in Christ.

From, 'The Revival',Volume v, 20th July 1861.

Additional Information

The building no longer exists, number 3 is near the place marked.

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