Brecon (1874)

The united prayer meetings in this town were attended with such beneficial result that it has been decided to hold a week of such meetings every month for the future. The Lord has greatly blessed there and the power of the Spirit has been manifested in them in a marvellous manner. "He has," to quote the expression of a Yorkshire convert, "been making new
heart and mending the old one." The Swansea district meeting of the Wesleyan Methodists, which was held in Brecon last week, was also rendered of much benefit to the town. 

"The Christian", May 28th, 1874.

A Young Men's Christian Association has just been instituted here. Mr Thorn, secretary of the Leeds Young Men's Christian Association, rendered considerable assistance in the preliminary meeting. This association may be regarded as the natural outgrowth of that religious life which has, during the past few months, been springing up in our midst, and increasing with a power that is nonetheless real because it has been to some extent hidden from mortal eyes. There is a great work for the young men of Brecon to do; may the Lord give them faith and grace, and wisdom, to discharge their duty nobly, and may the increased prosperity of this corner of the vineyard soon testify that the Master is pleased to accept and bless the efforts of his young servants. There are many of the Lord's people here who are waiting eagerly for the blessings He has promised to send. Brethren, pray for us, that our faith fails not, and that we soon may be visited with the gospel showers we so much need. It is with gratitude we add that during several recent anniversaries and religious gatherings in Brecon, the power of the Word has been felt in an unusually powerful manner and very many have been led to desire a saving knowledge of Him whom to know is life eternal.

"The Christian," July 16th, 1874.

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