Free North Church, Leith - D L Moody (1873)

We have now reached the fifth week of the special services in Edinburgh, and the people of God will be glad to know that we can again report a widening field, and a deepening interest, and a most blessed ingathering of souls to the Redeemer's fold. The American brethren began meetings in Leith on Tuesday, Dec. 23, and under the faithful preaching of Mr Moody, and the melting influence of Mr Sankey's singing of the gospel, a somewhat difficult field has been opened up, much indifference overcome, and many souls are being born into the kingdom. The meetings were held in Dr McDonald's church, Free North Leith, and in the Rev J Kelman's Free St. John's-admission to both churches being by ticket, and in wet or dry weather every available space was occupied.

There were meetings in the two places on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and also on Sabbath evening, and as in all other places which the brethren have visited, the interest increased as the week wore on. The meetings on Sunday evening were especially solemn and to all appearance fruitful of great blessing. During the services in the churches, the large crowds listened with breathless interest, and everyone present seemed to realise that God was there, opening the preacher's lips to speak in the porter of the Spirit, and moving the people's hearts to accept the offered salvation. At the close of the services in the church, a great number went into the inquiry room, and in quiet conversation, with those qualified to speak to them, many an anxious soul was pointed, through the Word, to the Lamb of God, and there is every reason to be satisfied that not a few of them were enabled to believe and live. These meetings in Leith have been especially interesting to God's people in Edinburgh, and their success a source of great joy. The population in Leith is much more difficult to move than the people in the metropolis, and the large shipping business of the town brings people to Leith from almost all parts of the world, It was especially gratifying to notice a number of seafaring people in all the meetings and to learn that this marvellous work cf God was being carried on, not only in the great centres of population but also in lonely ships at sea.

"The Christian", January 8th, 1874.

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