Banbury Methodist Chapel (1860)

The coming of Dr and Mr Palmer among us has been much blessed. Their visit has been a time of rejoicing from the hands of the Lord to his servants, and of confusion to the Prince of darkness.

On the 8th of December, they commenced a series of services in the Wesleyan Chapel by a fellowship-meeting in the vestry in the evening. On Sunday afternoon (the 9th), a public meeting was held, when Dr Palmer read a portion of Acts xi. Mrs P. afterwards addressed the meeting, followed by Dr P. A sermon was preached at night, after which Dr P. addressed the congregation. The chapel was crowded both afternoon and night. Public meetings were held every night until the 19th, during which the chapel was crowded to excess, the vestry and even the schoolroom being obliged to be used. A mid-day prayer-meeting was held daily, which was well attended, and where the gracious influence of the Holy Spirit was especially felt. People came from all the villages round to hear the gospel. A large number have professed to rejoice in the know­ledge of sins forgiven, and, though some cases may prove spurious, yet a vast amount of good has been done, and many perhaps who have not yet openly come forward and given in their names may have really found Christ to the joy and satis­faction of their souls. Some of the converts, who were noted as servants of Satan, have occasioned town-talk, and the world is expecting them to fall, while the public-house ever presents its allurements to them. We would request prayers for them, as well as for sonic who have backslidden since last winter.

The meetings were kept on till eleven o'clock sometimes. All denominations participated and will reap the fruits thereof. To God be all the thanks, who alone hath given no prosperity, and may his rich blessings still be granted to us and the whole world. Yours in Christ, A. F.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 31.

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I am almost certain this is the chapel.

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