Torrington Baptist Church (1863)

The wife of the Baptist minister in Torrington holds Bible classes, almost every night. At some of these between 50 and 60 women are present, and on the first occasion of her meeting them, for reading the Word, singing and prayer, there were five anxious souls, weeping, bitterly on account of theIR sins. It was very affecting to hear their sobs, as they exclaimed, “How can such a sinner as I have been expecting salvation?“ The number of anxious, weeping souls increases almost daily. A separate class is formed to meet their necessities. The prayer meetings in connection with the church have become almost doubled as to numbers.

Young converts crowd round the doors before they are opened at the early morning prayer meetings, and there are already about 30, old and young, who are rejoicing in the finished work of Christ on the cross for them, whilst the number of inquiriers are constantly increasing. The young converts have commenced prayer meetings amongst themselves, and it is quite affecting to listen to their simple, scriptural, outpourings of heart, before the Lord, as they pray in the spirit, with the understanding also. It causes the tear to flow from many an older Christian, when thus proving the truth of our Lord’s words, “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings hast thou perfected praise.“ Many of these dear young people are engaged in the glove-making, with which this town abounds and often lose a part of their daily earnings in order to be present at these meetings for instruction of prayer. Some of them are amongst the most hardened, abandoned characters in Torrington, but now they’re quiet, gentle, subdued demeanour, and their love for the means of Grace, has produced quite an effect throughout the whole town. There is scarcely a house one enters, but the first question is, “Have you heard of the wonderful work at the Baptist chapel?”

"The Revival," May 7th, 1863.

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