Thornton Heath (1876)

A brother writes as to services in the Town Hall, conducted by Mr W Taylor of the Evangelisation Society. The interest among the people was intense as was seen on Friday evening when the fog was so thick it was impossible to see a yard before one; and yet there was little diminution in the numbers, and many came from long distances. Perhaps it is unwise to speak of results, but, judging from my own experience, fifty have professed to have found peace. Many whom I have seen since they entered on the new life are rejoicing in the Lord. Last evening I spoke to twenty after the meeting, eighteen of whom professed to believe; one of the others was under such deep conviction of sin, so broken down, that I could not press the matter further on her. On Saturday evening a friend of mine had brought some of the roughest men into the hall. I found her speaking to one of them in the inquiry room. He was sobbing like a child under strong conviction of sin, but he could not grasp the truth. I cannot doubt but ere this the Spirit has led him to rest in Jesus. There has indeed been a mighty blessing in that place, and I am told that the influence for good has been extended beyond the hall in which the meetings were held and that ministers and others have been stirred up. I have just had a visit from a young man who has been anxious since the meetings at the hall have begun. He called to tell me that he found peace last evening during the address of Mr Taylor.

"The Christian," February 24th, 1876.

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