Carlisle (1874)

A NUMBER of Christian young men of various denominations some of whom have been but recently converted- agreed to hold an evangelistic meeting for the young men of this city. Accordingly, the Co-operative Hall was engaged for that purpose and on Wednesday evening April 29th, the meeting was held there which was very well attended. There were eight young men on the platform, some of whom addressed the meeting, others gave out hymns and prayed, and several young men in the audience also took part in the meeting.

A second meeting was held for inquirers and a good many remained behind. There were a good many Christian workers in the meeting, who spoke to anxious ones, and pointed out to them the way of salvation. The presence of the Lord was felt in our midst, and several were turned from darkness into the glorious light and liberty of the gospel. Although we cannot tell the exact number that were converted, it is hoped that many were turned from the error of their ways to serve the only living and true God.

Another meeting is to be held in the same place on Tuesday evening the 5th.

The young men meet together every morning (Sundays excepted) from seven to eight o'clock, on
Sundays from eight to nine; -to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on these meetings.

"Times of Blessing," May 14th, 1874.

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