Free Church, Dumfries - Richard Weaver (1865)

This devoted and earnest servant of the Lord has been in Dumfries for eight days. He began his labours on the evening of the Sabbath, October 8, in the Free Church, George Street. The hour of meeting was 6 o’clock, but long before that time, the large church was filled to overflowing, hundreds not being able to get near the door. Mr Weaver‘s subject was one very precious and very dear to the preacher, John 3:16; and truly, his wonderful earnestness, combined with the manner in which he treated the subject, was by the divine blessing, calculated to comfort and delight the believing part of his audience and also to arouse the unsaved. Mr Weaver addressed meetings every night during his stay, in the same places. After the principal service, Mr Weaver invited any who wished to hear more of the way to salvation to remain, and about half of the large audience usually did so. After a short, earnest and affectionate address, he invited all who had any anxiety about their souls to stay in the church or retire to the vestry, when he and other Christians spoke with the anxious and many awakened souls professed to find peace in believing. Indeed, no doubt is entertained, but that many will have cause to bless the Lord to all eternity for sending his servant, to tell them of the love of Jesus.

"The Revival," October 26th, 1865.

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