Fordyce (1874)

Last week a series of evangelistic services here was brought to a close. They were held in the Free Church, which is now under the charge of Rev. A. C. Macdiarmid, Free Church probationer, who has been labouring very zealously for some time in the district. Hearing of the evident work of grace which was taking place in the surrounding districts, the people became anxious that they would not be passed over when showers of mercy were falling so plenteously over the land. They prayerfully waited upon the Lord and He has not disappointed them. Ministers in surrounding parishes who have been much in the late work of love came willingly to their help, and the Lord has been pleased to crown their efforts with precious fruit. As is usual at such seasons, old Christians were greatly revived, the Spirit of prayer and supplication was poured out upon them, the attendance at meetings continued to increase, and the interest in the preached word became even more marked. Every night there were a few who waited to be spoken with about the way of salvation, and not a few during these meetings appear to be now rejoicing in a precious Saviour. Those who found peace were anxious to get their friends to the meetings, and to become acquainted with Him who gladdened their own hearts. One young girl said to me, "I now feel so happy in Jesus; ah, if I could only get my father (who was at a distance) brought to the Saviour! I will pray for him. The eyes of the young
Christians beamed with a calm and sweet joy, telling of the new-found peace reigning within as they sang: 

"I am so glad that Jesus loves me,"
 Jesus loves even me."

The ministers who conducted the meetings were greatly assisted in speaking to the anxious by Colonel Davidson,
from Edinburgh, and Mrs Rankine of Glassaugh House. Many cases of greatest interest might be given; but as the Times of Blessing is circulated in the district, I shall forbear giving any.

You will be glad to learn that the work of grace is going on around us. During the past fortnight, very interesting meetings were held at Boyndie. A considerable number were spoken to as anxious, and Mr Anderson, the minister, considers that not a few have found the peace of salvation. We anticipate a winter of great blessing; oh! let it be the prayer of our
Christian friends that Banfishire, which has been first among the counties in some of our national vices, may be first among them in manifestations of God's saving power.

"Times of Blessing," Nov 12th, 1874.

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