Hanover Square Rooms - London (1860)


Last Sunday evening, according to announcement, witnessed another large assembly of the men in the Hanover Square rooms. Mr Barker and Mr Reginald Radcliffe address the meeting.

These gatherings of young men and men of years; of active, intelligent and important members of society, more or less from all classes, form an important feature at the present time. The reflecting Christian observes and notes the characteristics of effects of such meetings at the successive stages of this great work of God in our day. This meeting was characterised by a sober, steady indication of advance and growth in the work of evangelising in London. The number of believers present seem to be much greater, that of the unconverted perhaps less that on former occasions. The business of conversing with anxious souls was undertaken in a truly serious and effectual manner, showing that to converse with enquiries after preaching is not a difficult or strange thing. Those who have engaged in it are persuaded of its value in numbers of instances, although, like every good thing, it must be used with discretion and prudence. In addition to the steady tone and power of the meeting, it was clear that the message of the gospel was given with no uncertain sound. There was a fresheness and vigour, both of the declaration of a crucified Saviour and in the appeals to conscience. We doubt not but that some received the word in present power to the saving of the soul; for many can testify that a full, a present and an everlasting gospel was set forth. In speaking to souls there was not only solemn warning, but loving entreaties; and the present dealings of God's grace to sinners were put in forcible though simple words. The blaze of light shining all around us at this time was noticed, as well as the various attempts made to rescue sinners from hell.

From, 'The Revival', Volume iI, 30th June 1860.




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