Witton Park (1862)

It has done my soul good to read in your paper from week to week of the glorious work of salva­tion that is still going on in different parts of our beloved isle. But while a good deal has been done through the instru­mentality of such champions of the cross as Weaver. I am happy to inform you that soul-saving does not always depend upon powerful presentations of divine truth. To prove this, I have only to refer you to facts that have taken place in the locality in which I live, that is Witton Park, Durham. For a considerable time past a few of the excellent of the earth, lamenting to see the wickedness of the wicked, and earnestly longing for a Revival of pure and undefiled religion, resolved to meet together twice every week; in different parts of the village, for the special purpose of pleading with God for the salvation of souls. During the meetings believers themselves got a baptism of the Spirit; but little visible good appeared to be effected among the needy, until this last week, when the work of God has broken out among us in such an extraordinary manner as to astonish the most sanguine, and compel the brethren to hold meetings every evening, for the reception of those who were hungering and thirsting after righteousness. During the week thirty-two free, hearty, and willing volunteers have given themselves to the Lord. One of them was a poor woman, seventy-seven years old; others were backsliders, and some were among the very worst characters we had in the North. Beings who were the first in every species of sin and wickedness, and who never attended any place of worship, may now be seen sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in their right minds. What a change in a week's time! Not unto us, but unto God be all the glory.

March. EDMUND Lewis. From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 125-6.

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