Liskard (1860)

Much good is being done in this place. With great pleasure we record that we have amongst us here some earnest and warm-hearted Christians, through whose effectual fervent prayers we believe many sinners, varying from ten to sixty years of age, have been saved, including some of the most vile, literally publicans and harlots, who we should have thought would have been the last to yield to the striving of God's Holy Spirit; oh that we may praise the Lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men. He has done great things for many in this part of the country. We believe, that within the last three months, hundreds have been made new creatures in Christ Jesus, and hundreds more are awakened. We can scarce speak to an individual who is not, in some measure, concerned about his eternal welfare. We are expecting the dawn of that day when all, from the least unto the greatest, shall know the Lord. On Saturday, the 11th inst, while deep in the bowels of the earth at work in Wheal Trelawny mine, we were called to pray with a man who felt the burden of his sins; we, a few weak mortals, knelt down by his side, and as we were praying God to pardon, two lads fell suddenly on their knees and cried, "God be merciful unto us, sinners;" as we were not a great many present who feared God, we sent into another part of the mine for some two or three more of those whom we knew would help us. During our messenger's absence, we continued to sing and pray with the penitents. Our companions came and assisted us, and we all felt it good to draw nigh unto God. After some time had been spent by those three at the Saviour's feet in great agony, it was delightful to see one of the lads rejoicing on receiving an answer to his prayers; he threw his arms around the man's neck, who, through littleness of faith, was still in great distress of soul, shouting aloud the praises of God in his ears. Thus, through prayer, we conquered the foe, and the three professed to have found peace through be­lieving. To God be all the glory. We hold a prayer-meeting every morning before we commence our day's toil.

From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume ii, p60

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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