Smithfield Market - Manchester (1862)

It is most courageibg to me, as I stand at the Bible stall in Smithfield market to hear the testimony of thieves, infidels, gamblers, drunkards and others who have been brought to the knowledge of the Lord during the last three months of the past year and though dear Weaver and Radcliffe and Ord are gone, yet the work of Grace is extending through the city and rooms are being opened every week for prayer and praise. You are aware that we have not any mighty or noble amongst us in this work, but it seems that the Lord is using the foolish things of this world to confirm the mighty and this is one feature in the present revival, that it is of God. Many of the Lord's people here look on with great suspicion and are neutral in this glorious work, because it did not come through the ordained ministry; but if any dear brother doubts the work here or the statements that have been made in the revival paper, I stand daily in Smithfield market and can give hundreds of witnesses of souls being saved through the blood of the Lamb, or in reply to letters addressed to 113, Hyde Road, Manchester. I wish to give you a little information in respect of the circulation of the Scriptures, in connection with the revival movement. When first I met Richard Weaver, it was in Hyde market, near Manchester at the Bible stall and from that period up to the present the revival has spread through England, Ireland and Scotland and many of the Lord's people who have read Weaver's life and the revival paper, will see that this statement is correct. Since that time I have visited and stood with the bible stall in markets, wakes, fairs, races et cetera, exhibiting suitable passages of scripture to catch the eye of the multitudes of people as they are bent on pleasure. Hundreds of thousands of tracks have been distributed. We have sold upwards of 29,760 copies of the Scriptures during this period and who will deny that this is a work of God and the good that may result from the circulation of the word of life among a class of people who never go to church or chapel, will only be known by Him who giveth the increase. Public houses, beer shops and brothels have been visited and a very important work has been undertaken in the visitation of factories and foundries during dinner hour. Thousands of copies of the Scriptures have been purchased and great good has resulted from this agency.

Edward Usher

From, 'The Revival', Volume vi, 25th January 1862.

Additional Information

The Old Market was between Coop Street and Higher Oswald Street.

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