Fairford (1862)

About three years ago, some young persons were led to go out from this town into a large village in the neighbourhood, where there was a Puseyite minister in the Established Church. Great numbers flock to hear him, and as no place indoors could be obtained, they were obliged to hold meetings in the open air. Before they had laboured very long, the Lord blessed the word spoken to the conversion of a blacksmith, who since that time has opened his shop, where the gospel is spoken every Lord’s day and several in the village have believed and have been baptised. The attendance at the shop, upon the whole is very good, although strenuous efforts have been used by some to prevent persons coming.

On Sunday and Monday, December 7 and 8, our beloved friend and brother, Mr Rodway from Stroud, came and held three special services in the shop, which had been well fitted up with pulpit and gallery by our esteemed brother and blacksmith. The meetings were well attended, many were much concerned and some professed to have found Christ. Also on the following Tuesday and Wednesday, meetings were held by Mr Rodway at two other villages, Maiseyhampton, and Poulton, and at the last mentioned place the meeting was one which many will never forget. We believe that many were awakened like the jailor and several found Christ that night.

The Lord is graciously working with his servants, both in this town, and the surrounding districts and sinners are being saved. May they be the means of encouragement to any who labour in the Lord’s vineyard.

"The Revival," January 1st, 1863.

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