Winsford Town Hall (1862)

I desire to inform God's people, through your valuable Journal, of a great revival of religion that has joust taken place here; and more especially as I have had several members of my own family professing to have found peace with God last week, making the total number of such yet known one hundred and three, and numbers brought under deep conviction of their wretched condition as lost sinners. The church at Overlane had been praying long to God for an outpouring of His Holy Spirit, without any visible answer. Some of the more zealous of the brethren said. We must make an effort and send for that man of God, Mr John Finney, the converted boiler maker; 5 Lincoln Street, Wellington Road, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. Some said, as a native of Overlane he was too well known, and it would be a failure, others that were familiar with the conversions that were following his preaching said that the objection was quite scriptural; a prophet is not without honour, save in his own country and in his own house. Trusting to God, on the 24th April they gave him a call, to which he heartily responded, and on Sabbath the 26th he preached his first sermons and nine souls professed new found faith. Such were the powerful appeals made to the consciences of the people that with God's blessing they were alarmed in all the neighbourhood and flocked to hear and see one whom they once knew in his most profligate character and went home wondering how these things could be. Such a work broke out, that our chapel that has been lately enlarged, was too strait to hold the people. He preached every night during the week, and more or less souls confessed Jesus every night. It was agreed to retain his services another week, and avail ourselves of the accommodation of the Town Hall, Winsford, where he preached on Sabbath May 4th, to a large congregation, and several professed a change of heart. We held our meetings in our chapel during the week, and numbers of sinners were brought to God. On Sabbath the 10th we held a love feast. While the people were telling what great things God had done for them, there was such power that sinners fled out of the chapel, and others stood up said they could hold out no longer, they wanted to be saved. Some came forward with contributions, and we were forced to retain Mr Finney another week, when signs and wonders kept following the Word preached. On Saturday the 24th, he gave lecture on Temperance to an attentive congregation. On Sabbath the 25th, the chapel was crowded to excess, and more souls were added to those already saved. On Monday, 26th, he preached in a large barn, after which he returned home for a days rest before entering upon his ministerial labours at Tarpoley, a village about seven miles from this place. We hope Lord will still be his support, and that this may be the means of advancing the Lord's work.

"The Wynd Journal," June 7th, 1862.



Additional Information

I do not know where the Town Hall was.

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