Blackburn Baptist Church (1861)

DEAR SIR.—On visiting the North of England, among other places, I went to Blackburn, where I preached every night last week, excepting Saturday, and three times on the Lord's-day to crowded congregations, and have had a very awakening time there. On Friday evening last the meeting was held in a Baptist Chapel, and a large number of those pre­sent were crying for mercy, both male and female; it was heart-melting to see such a number of sinners seeking salvation through the blood of Jesus. We had many last night who found peace. I preach to-night in the Methodist Chapel, where we expect a blessing. I know that my friends in England will be glad to hear of the work in Blackburn, therefore, I give you a little account of it. I have a great deal to write only I am short of time. I am yours in Christ, DAVID CRESWELL.

March 18, 1861. From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 110.

The result of the visit of different Christian brethren and sisters to this town in its time of distress is seen by God's gracious blessing in the new life of many; thanks be to God, who is pleased to make his opportunity in man's great extremity. The work, however, grows, and a blessing communicated requires further help from those who can render it.

"The Revival," January 29th, 1863.

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