Bear Street Chapel Barnstaple (1861)

If all remain silent the very stones must cry out! Hundreds, nay, some say, more souls have been converted here and hereabouts since Mr Hambleton got hold of the hearts of the people, than ever were known before in the memory of man; young and old alike convinced of sin and set at liberty by the mighty power of the Holy Ghost. I don't pretend to give a full statement, not knowing it; but you may depend on what I do say. The Music Hall, which holds 1000 easily, and 1500 if crammed as it sometimes was, has been three times the scene of much awakening and happy enjoyment, ?on February 21, again on March 1, and finally on March 27 to meet Reginald Radcliffe, Esq. and Mr Henry, who kindly gave their aid to Mr Hambleton, who, of all others, has decidedly won the hearts of all around. Some of the old-established ministers held back from the work, but the whole body of the people were with the evangelists, praising God continually.

Messrs. Hambleton and Lear preached on Friday evening in Bear-street Chapel to crowded congregations, and the meeting was protracted till about eleven p. m., by which time there were at least eight clear cases of conversion. One dear young wife, and child in her arms, being in agony of soul, was pointed to Christ as the only way of life, and shortly found peace; her countenance changed from the picture of despair to one radiant with joy. Her cry was all for her dear unconverted husband, who had been found by Capt. A. in the slough of despond in another part of the room, and, after a while, he too found peace and joy in believing. The meeting of this now happy family (who went home rejoicing in Christ Jesus, and having no confi?dence in the flesh) was one that might have done for a study. All who witnessed the mighty power of God could only sit still while He worked for his own glory, and then they broke out simultaneously into hymns of praise and thanksgiving. This is but one of many such cases, and the faint outline I have given is in hope of someone more fitted giving a fuller and clearer account of this marvellous work of the Lord. Since the Loo?diana week, January 1860, the fire has never died, but smouldered on till now. Many waters cannot quench it, so strongly does it burn. J.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 118.

Additional Information

There is only one Chapel on Bear St on an 1889 map, so I assume this is it. It was Bible Christian.

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