Primitive Methodists - Tunstall (1862)

On Sunday, Jan. 12, I spoke twice at the Primitive Methodist chapel, Tunstall, to large crowds. I spoke four nights in that town, and the presence of the Lord was with us. Cries of distress every night went up to heaven, like the poor gaoler's, "What must I do to be saved " Rough men and women crying like little children; husbands and wives kneel­ing down together before God on account of their sins. But they were pointed to the Lamb that was slain; and oh, what a sight to see these great big men clapping their hands and praising God for his pardoning love, who a few hours before had been blaspheming his name. About 300 names were taken in the four nights and many of these the worst of characters; but not one too vile for Christ. What a Saviour! He can save gamblers and harlots now. Glory to his name: his blood has still virtue in it. I was not so well in body, but the Lord stood by me, and there was a good work at Tunstall.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 54.

Additional Information

The first ever Primitive Methodist Chapel was built in Tunstall in 1811. The next chapel was built here in 1821. The street at the time was called Victoria Terracethe and the chapel was called Mount Tabor.

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