Norham (1860)

Norham, near Berwick-upon-Tweed.

London, 15th, June 1860. DEAR Sir,—I send you the following extracts from the letters of two Christian brothers who have been now for a long time working for God in some villages in the parish of Norham, and some neighbouring parishes, a few miles on this side of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Yours in Jesus, W. “Near Berwick, May 30th, 1860.—We have had several meetings since I last wrote to you, but I will just mention one or two of the most important. Last Friday night, at Norham, we had a glorious open-air meeting, larger, I think, than the first. It was a cheering sight to my brother and me to see all those young women who were converted the Sunday night before giving away tracts, &c., among the people. They are working in earnest for God. There is, certainly, a wonderful change coming over the people in this part of the country: it is most blessed to converse with many of them that are anxious about their souls. Many went away from the meeting on Friday night under deep conviction. We have not yet been able to get a place for a prayer-meeting. We have asked and are asking the Lord for a place, and we shall soon have it. Saturday being Berwick fair, we went down to hold a meeting there. We saw the mayor and got his leave to have one in the middle of the street. A great many flocked round and heard the word of life. But it came on to rain, and rather spoiled our meeting, but we believe great good will result from it. Sunday night, here at —, we had a most glorious night. The Lord was very present with us, and many felt that it was none other than the house of God, and the very gate of heaven to their souls. My cousin, who was converted here the Sunday before, stood up and told the people what the Lord had done for his soul. He was full of the Holy Ghost, and spoke for some time to the astonishment of all, for he is a man who has so little to say to anyone. He was one of those moral and self-righteous ones, hoping and trusting that he was on his way to heaven, and has told me many a time he did not believe anyone could know his sins were forgiven and that if he ever did arrive at such a state, he would not tell anyone. But on Sunday night, he told all the people that he was sure his sins were forgiven and that if he was to die that moment he was sure he would go to heaven. He told them how that he had taken the sacrament, had had family worship in his house for years, read the Bible, said his prayers, &c., and with all this he had been on his way to hell. He told them that he was forty years old and never knew Jesus as his Saviour till last Sunday night. Such a testimony as he gave was glorious; I am sure God will make him a means of blessing to many. People think nothing of coming five or six miles to our meeting on Sunday nights. There were two young girls, about twelve years old, and a friend of mine, a young man seventeen years old, found Jesus on Sunday night. There are a great many come from Scotland [The remainder of this letter is full of blessed news of the prospect of conversions in some private families, but such as it would not be right to print without permission.]

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume II, page 205.

Additional Information

This was an open-air meeting, somewhere close to the town.

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