Camden Town (1862)

An interesting work has been recently commenced in Camden Town. A mission room has been opened in Stuckley Place, Hamstead Road, where services are held every day. On Sunday there is a Sunday school and preaching morning in the evening and the Bible class in the afternoon; Monday evening, female Bible class; Tuesday evening, a youths meeting, conducted by one of themselves; preaching on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; prayer meeting on Saturday. Six or seven open air services are held each week, generally just before the services in doors. Many are thus induced to come in. As the fruits of this movement, upwards of 40 souls have professed to find The Saviour precious to them, and have manifested the reality of the change by inviting others to the Saviour who is so dear to their own souls.

A few Sundays back, as a brother was preaching in the open air, a publican said he wished he could look him up, as he did his business a vast deal of harm. Some drunken men also came to annoy him, but they were soon the most attentive listeners. Among those saved are two poor unfortunates, who are now regular attendants. The friends will shortly have to close the rooms unless friends at a distance will help. Those who attend do their best, but are all poor. £12 is needed at once. Will any of the readers of the revival help?

'The Revival', volume vi, 15/3/1862.

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