St Albans (1864)

UNSECTARIAN SPECIAL RELIGIOUS SERVICES - The Lord continues to smile upon this combination of Christian effort, and since its commencement in September some hundreds of souls have made a public profession of finding Christ, and a knowledge of sins forgiven, as the fruits of the services. Among these are many, both men and women who were down deep in the vortex of depravity, but nor are sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and in their right mind. On Sunday last a glorious camp meeting was held at Sandridge Common, which cannot fail long to be remembered. At half past nine o'clock in the morning a procession was formed of members of various denominations, which, with the Rev. G. Ogborne at its head, as the originator of the movement it proceeded through the principal streets, singing the well-known hymn, "Jesus, the name high over all." This, to many, had the desired effect of drawing large crowds together, who listened during the day to the Word of life, many of whom are unaccustomed to attend Divine worship. The evening service, particularly, was truly a glorious season with from a thousand to twelve hundred people assembled and who were with rivetted attention upon the Iips of various speakers. Wesleyan Times.

"The Revival," July 21st, 1864.

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I am not sure where the common was.

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