Otley (1861-1862)

During the last two months many precious souls have been brought out of darkness into marvellous light, The work began at Otley during some special services in the month of January, then manifested itself at Hubby where many souls have been converted; then at Stainburn about forty have received peace, which is a large number in proportion to the size of the place. The work is still going on, and many people are being convinced of sin in surrounding places. B.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, p142-3.

I requested prayer for Otley some months ago, which you kindly inserted in your invaluable paper, No. 122. I am happy to inform you, and the dear friends, that the Lord has answered the prayers of his dear people, and we are now in the midst of a gracious Revival. O, do still plead on for a greater outpouring of the Holy Ghost. Also at Burley, near this town, a similar work has commenced.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 62.

The Rev. J. C. Milbourn who has been labouring in Leeds since the Ist June, 1862, during which time more than 1,000 souls have been added to the various churches, has commenced a series of services in the town of Otley. Application was made for the New Connexion chapel, the trustees to which at once placed their new and beautiful chapel at Mr Milbourn's disposal. On Sabbath, Jan. 11, he commenced his labours, and God gave his approval by saving sinners during the day. The services have been continued every weekday since. The congregations have been good and conversions at every service.  On the two last Sabbath days the chapel has been much too small to accommodate the crowds who flock to hear the word of life. Upward of 150 souls have found blessing during the past fortnight. The work is just beginning to spread The midnight prayer meetings on Saturday evening have been attended with mighty unction and the select meetings are producing good fruit.

Wesleyan Times.

"The Revival," February 12th, 1863.

Lovers of Souls and Jesus, we are doing what we can to save the hundreds and thousands of this, and surrounding places
"living without God and without hope." Hitherto the Lord has owned the united efforts of a few from the various churches who have joined together for the above object. Hundreds have been blessed and to further this glorious work, which is deepening and spreading for miles, we have taken a large place formerly used as a plumber's shop. Our object is that we may gather into the fold of Jesus a good harvest of those poor outcasts of society who will not go to a place of worship elsewhere. We unitedly give to God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, glory and praise for the remarkable conversions that have already taken place, and rejoice to see the arm of the Lord being so made bare. We shall be able to report to your invaluable serial, the Revival, a number of facts separate and apart from this paper, which will make the lovers of Jesus to rejoice. The furniture of the place we worship in, and on which the people sit to hear the word of life from the lips of Mr Milbourn, are rough planks rested on blocks of wood. The place being cold and damp, we have been necessitated to have a stove with gas-fixtures, and, in addition, we are now obliged to cover the floor between the planks with coconut matting to the
amount of about 120 yards, to prevent people from taking cold. The services are held three times on the Sabbath, and every week evening as well.

"The Revival," March 26th, 1863.

Additional Information

I am assuming it took place in the Methodist Chapel.

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