Wesleyan Schools - Deptford (1860)

For some weeks past there has been a very deep impression of the immediate necessity of salvation resting on the elder youths of both sexes in the Wesleyan schools here. For some five or six weeks first one and then another has been united to the church, seeking and obtaining mercy by faith in Christ. On Sunday afternoon, the ninth December, was the time for holding the monthly Sunday school prayer meeting. All the teachers and about 220 children were assembled in one of the rooms. The usual plan was adopted – two or three verses and two teachers prayed, then two more verses and two teachers prayed; Till presently, one of the lads burst forth in such a holy strain, discovering such confidence in God and such faith in the promises as to put to the blush the cold, half-hearted, formal supplications of many adult professors. So near did his communion with God appear; so did he recognise the old prevalent power of the Holy Spirit to convince, the all sufficiency of the attaining sacrifice of Christ and the abounding mercy of God, that the whole assembly was as though paralysed; two more verses were sung and two of the adults prayed again. The marked solemnity pervading induced me, as visitor, to suggest the propriety of inviting any to remain, who will be glad to avail themselves of further and closer conversation with their teachers. About 50 so remained – the girls with their teachers in one room, the boys and their teachers in the other. I remained with the boys and shall never forget the solemn season we then enjoyed. After singing a verse and a sentence or two to collect their thoughts, I called on two dear lads to pray and ere they both had ceased, the strong crying and tears under a sense of condemnation flowed down many a cheek. Two teachers prayed on the four or five youths happy in the favour of God sought out those in distress and catching up the terms of prayer being adopted by the teacher praying, applied the precious truths to the ears of those distressed and from their own happy experience encouraged them to faith in order to obtain the blessing so much desired. Willing to learn a lesson in order better to do the work before me, I listened to one dear lad. "Look to Calvary. See Jesus there, the blessed, bleeding lamb. See the blood – the precious blood; take it, apply it, lay hold of eternal life." Prayer ceased and standing over the scene, I trembled as I endeavoured, by God's help, to repeat some precious promises suitable to the occasion. At every lull we could distinctly hear the same glorious work going on among the girls. And it is impossible to convey the remotest idea of the sensations of these few minutes. One after another cast the burden of the soul on Christ and with joy and peace filling the heart, on rising, they blessed and praised God and falling on the necks of their teachers, all bathed in tears of holy gratitude and love, there hung awhile. Sixteen boys and several girls have yielded their hearts to the power of divine love, and while great was our gladness, to God we give all the glory. We do rejoice and we will rejoice.

we number now nearly 40, who nearly all have associated themselves with the church in this place.

From, 'The Revival', Volume iii, December 29th, 1860.

Additional Information

I do not know where this meeting was, Central Hall is marked.

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