Little Eaton (1860)

A poor woman of this village writes us:—I have for some time felt sorry that we have not let you know what the Lord has been doing in our little village. I have been hoping that others would have done it, but they have not. About two years ago, two young ladies, after hearing of the Lord's doings in America and other places, were anxious that the people round about them should enjoy the same blessing. They therefore set to visiting from house to house. One house was opened once a week for them to speak into those who would assemble. They wished to have union prayer-meetings, and the use of a club-room was kindly offered. The clergyman of the village not being favourable towards their proceedings, they worked single-handed, so far as help from their own church was con­cerned; but they soon had help from the few Dissenters of the place, and we had delightful meetings, and the Lord began to work upon the minds of the people, and several of the young were the first fruits; and our chapel, which was scantily attended before, has been crammed, and prayer and class meetings have doubled and trebled their numbers. We have some quarry-men, who said they were the biggest sinners in Eaton. They were pointed to a bigger Saviour, whom they took to be their Saviour; and now they are, as they express it, ten thousand times happier than in their unconverted state. It would, indeed, rejoice your heart to hear these men and the young people testify of the peace and joy they find. The example of these two young ladies has done great things for our village. We seemed to want someone in their position in life to start, there was so little of the power of spiritual life among us. But no sooner did they lead the way, and were not ashamed to be seen at a union meeting, than the Lord crowned their labour with success. We could say much more to the praise of our God. These young ladies visit the quarries, and talk and pray with the men. We have now a gentleman come to live in our village, who will join at the union meeting.

From the 'Revival Newspaper.' Volume II, page 164.

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