St Paul's Onslow Square (1877)

DURING the past fortnight the Lord hath been visiting his people, building up and refreshing his children by the soul-stirring messages they have been privileged to hear, but, more than all, by the manifestations of his wondrous power and love in bringing back his banished ones - those who had once known the joys of the Father's home but had wandered afar into the
cold dreary wilderness,- and restoring them to the full enjoyment of his forgiving love. Others, who for years have been
struggling on amid many doubts and fear, have been set free in the realisation of a present salvation from the condemnation and power of sin through a simple trust in the living, loving Lord and Saviour.

On Sunday, the 17th, the Lord Himself stood in the midst in resurrection power, and the praying ones knew that the windows of heaven were opening to pour out the expected blessing. Night by night the services have increased in solemnity and power, while the mission preacher dwelt in turn on the importance of turning to Christ without delay - "Why tarriest thou?"; on the restfulness of the soul that trusts in Him who hath dealt bountifully in delivering it from the pains of hell (Ps. cxvi.); on the cry of humanity, "Where is the lamb for the burnt offering? answered in type in the deliverance in Egypt by the sprinkled blood, till on Calvary "God provided himself a Lamb," " the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world."

On Friday night Mr Aitken spoke on Isa. xliv. 5, the necessity of our subscribing our signature in order to endorse the fulflment of God's sure promises, "There is glory all around," has been the blessed consciousness of Christians:, when, after the thrilling appeals to the unsaved, the inquiry room has seemed like a battlefield, strewn with those deeply wounded by the King's arrows, tended with loving care by others who had themselves been healed, and who now rejoice in the unspeakable privilege of "loosing" the grave clothes, that those who have received life from the Son of God may walk at liberty. The services for servants, by Mr Andrewes, have been especially blessed.

The little ones have not been forgotten. Day by day the bread of life has been crumbled to an eager crowd of children, so simply that one of them remarked, "A baby of two or three could understand." The love of Jesus, who is "so glad to save," has been set forth so winsomely, besides the characteristics of the practical Christian life of those professing to be the Lord's
soldiers - obedience, courage, watchfulness, and good use of the sword of the Spirit. Most refreshing it is to converse with some of these dear children and hear the intelligent, well-grounded reasons they can give for the hope which has made
them happy for months, even years. The answer of one was striking. (Would that many older people would become ss simple "as this little child.") "How can you know that you are forgiven?" "Because Jesus says so. If I trust Him, He says I am forgiven."

The work is deep and real, and the blessing in many cases has been extended to three, four, or more in a household, and
several members of Bible-classes. 

"The Christian," June 28th, 1877.

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