Marshfield (1863)

Gloucestershire.-C. E. Boughton, of Birmingham, commenced a week's special services in this place on Sunday the 15th.
Great good resulted from these meetings, both in quickening the church and the conversion of sinners. We believe that many will have to bless God throughout eternity that ever they heard him. We held two services on Sunday the 22nd,
which were attended by large congregations of people who were eager to hear the word of life. At five o'clock we missioned the streets and gave the people an invitation to come and hear of the love of Jesus. The chapel was filled by persons, many of whom never attend a place of worship. Great power was felt while our dear brother was speaking.  After he had finished his discourse, a fellowship meeting was held, at which the whole congregation stopped and it was delightful to hear one and another tell how they had been brought to Jesus. We are sorry these services could not be continued on account of the erection of a gallery in the chapel, but we hope to have our brother with us again in the course of a few weeks.

"The Revival," April 2nd, 1863.

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