Grimscott (1859)

The Revival is still going on around us. Last week (the week of general united prayer), exceeded all we had witnessed. Prayer-meetings at noon and in the evening of each day, and members of the established and dissenting churches uniting in delightful harmony to pray for the coming of Christ's kingdom. Nor did they pray in vain. A lady, a stranger to me, as she sat by my side, I observed, was under the power of conviction; I lifted my heart to God in silent prayer in her behalf. On the other side of the crowded room a woman cried aloud for mercy, and soon obtained the pardon of her sins. I was still engaged in silent prayer for the lady at my side; I was anxious to speak to her, but being a stranger, was almost afraid to do so. I at last said, "Do you feel Christ precious to your soul?" She immediately gave utterance to her feelings and sought with great earnestness her neglected Saviour. She found peace through the blood of the Lamb. At a subsequent meet­ing, another person was so powerfully affected that we were obliged to accompany him home and to continue in prayer until midnight. At our own place of worship, last night (Tuesday), six were in distress on account of their sins. Many others have recently been converted. The people are much alarmed about their state, and the new converts are working nobly. At Grimscott scores have been converted. The work has extended in this circuit to Holsworthy, Clawton, Providence, Whitstone, Derril, and Bridgerule. What may we expect if we are faithful.

From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume ii, p29.

Additional Information

I do not know where these meetings were. I also do not know the town where the report below was from.

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