Somers Town - London (1861)

Open-air preaching is carried on in rockeries work, 10 years ago, none dare venture without great peril of life or limb. The other night of service was held with success where, for three and 20 years, attempts have been made in vain, so great was the opposition among brothels in one of the vilest of the dark spots in summer term. We have since had regular services in the open air at this place and have been most gladly received by numbers of the fallen women and opposition has in like manner ceased on all sides. The poor fallen women receive tracks thankfully; weeping when spoken to kindly and told of the love of Christ for them. I have had three, within a fortnight, in my humble home on their knees as penitence, anxious to forsake their present course of living. I could do but little to help; but, praise the Lord, I believe they are provided for; the Lord heard our prayers for them.

From, 'The Revival', Volume iv, 1st June 1861.

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