Whitemoor (1861)

God has been pleased in his rich mercy to visit this place. On Easter-Sunday a room was opened for the preaching of the gospel. Previous to this there had been no means of grace in the place for several years. Much sin exists there; but God inclined the people to come, in response to the invitations given them. Since then, services have been held twice every Sunday, in the afternoon and even­ing. Prayer-meetings have been held after the evening service, at which many have remained, and at the close an invitation has been given to any who were anxious to be reconciled to God to remain for conversation and prayer. Some have stayed to inquire the way to peace, and God has blessed these after- meetings with his own gracious presence. Some have been able to rejoice in hope of the glory of God, while others who were careless have been made anxious. On Sunday, May 23, and on the following Sunday at the prayer-meeting, and especially at the after-meeting, there was a blessing. Sinners were weeping over their past sins, and some were rejoicing in a newly-found Saviour. The name of Jesus had peculiar power. Some who seemed careless were melted at the name of Jesus,  and at the close of the meeting there were eight or nine who professed to have found the Saviour. May the work in their hearts be deep and abiding. A prayer-meeting has been (by request of the people) established on the week-night, which is well attended. There are but about forty houses in the place. Is it too much to hope that before long each of these houses may become a house of prayer! Brethren, pray with us that it may be so! We cannot help but feel with regard to the work in this little place, that "it is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes." To Him be all the glory.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 199.

New Basford, NOTTS.—Early in last year the Lord put a desire into the hearts of two young men to visit a benighted village known as Whitemoor. After fervent prayer for God's help and guidance they went and visited, that afternoon, about twenty houses, reading God's Word, speaking, and praying, in each house. The Lord graciously sustained their trembling hearts and moved the people to receive them kindly. Encou­raged by the success of this first visit, they resolved to go again, and soon began to think of opening a room for Sunday services. They were directed to one by Him who guides the steps of his praying children. This room was situated at the top of four of the houses. A few small forms were obtained, and a service held on the afternoon of Sunday, March 31, when one of our little band preached Jesus to about forty people. The Lord seemed to approve, and regular preaching arrangements were entered. into. There being three of us, we took regular turns, one opening the service, the other preaching. The congrega­tion, under God's blessing, rapidly increased. More forms were obtained. Two prayer-meetings were established weekly, and showers of blessing followed. The Lord attended the preach­ing of his Word with mighty power, and stout hearts quailed before the preaching of the cross (for we determined to know nothing else). We praise, we bless our precious God, who has given us some of the most abandoned sinners in the neighbour­hood. We soon began to feel the necessity of those whom our heavenly Father had given us meeting together for mutual edification. Accordingly, a meeting was established for those who were seeking, and those who had found a Saviour; and most refreshing seasons we have on these evenings. We have now, bless the Lord, a little church, consisting of twenty-two members, all walking together in love and harmony. The Lord adds to us continually. We have, also, more than twenty who are anxiously inquiring the way to Zion; these meet with the members every Wednesday evening. We have a Sabbath-school, consisting of about sixty scholars. We have, also, the Lord's supper on the first Sabbath of each month. I am happy to state, also, what a manifest change there is in the area and whereas, before, the men were idling about, roaming the fields on God's holy day, the Sabbath is now recognised as a sacred day even by those who are not savingly influenced. I thank God that a most complete change has been affected (by his blessing) for the better; the seed has indeed been cast with a trembling hand, with many tears, and much prayer, but our heavenly Father has already crowned our labours with abun­dant success. From Him came the first desire to commence this work; from Him came the ability to carry it on; from Him came the blessing; and to Him be all the glory. Amen.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 14.

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