Long Marston (1862)

Another, at Bedworth, said, "Sir, as soon as I saw you in the pulpit, I could not help weeping for joy to have the pleasure of seeing you again." Last Sunday I was at Long Marston; on my way there I stayed at a friend's, on Satur­day night their servant sought and found mercy; her mother found peace in the same house the last time I was there, so now mother and daughter can rejoice together. I preached at Long Marston morning and night; many found peace after service at night. I preached again on Monday after the tea-meeting. The chapel is small but was packed full. I said, at the close of my address, "All of you that have made up your minds to give up your sins and seek pardon, stand up," and all at once old and young rose up— I should think 150 or 160. I directed them to Jesus as their Saviour and before we closed the meeting two-thirds of them held up their hands as believers in Jesus. I go anywhere the Lord sends me, and (glory be to God) souls are given me everywhere. To the Lord be all the glory. H.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 256.

Additional Information

I am assuming this is the Yorkshire Long Marston and not the one in Warwickshire as this one had a Methodist Chapel which I believe was here until the recent redevelopment.

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