Cheddar Methodist Chapel (1861)

Prayer has been answered and the last three weeks we have reason to believe many souls have found a friend in Jesus. The labours of Mr Pointer, have been greatly blessed.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume V, page 181.

A brother writes: "Many thanks for remember­ing Cheddar in prayer; it has not been in vain. During the last few weeks many souls, we believe, have found a friend in Jesus."

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume V, page 198.

Dear Sirs,—A few days since I requested prayer for a blessing on Mr Spurgeon's visit to Cheddar, on Wednesday, September 10.

If ever prayer was answered surely it has been in this instance. On Tuesday evening there seemed every prospect of a wet evening, but now fears were turned to praise when we saw the sun shine forth in all its strength. In the road, which divides the cliffs, and on the slopes on either side, was gathered an immense assemblage, variously esti­mated at from 8000 to 10,000 persons. The huge masses of grey rock on either side, the beautiful blue sky above, with the fleecy clouds sailing along the upturned faces of thousands, eager for every word; the singing of that beau­tiful hymn, "Rock of ages, cleft for me,' and the earnest pleadings of the preacher, all united to produce such solemn impressions on the minds of very many present never to be effaced. The text chosen was, "I am the way," and while Mr Spurgeon blocked up man's ways of salvation, and so clearly showed forth God's way, we felt that the Spirit was present to bring home the truth with power. One accident occurred which seemed to be the only thing to mar the general satisfaction that prevailed. A young person recently converted was struck by a rolling stone, but we trust it will not prove serious. Will God's people remember her in their petitions? With thanks to those Christians who have interceded on our behalf, and desiring continued prayer for a blessing on the seed sown, I am, dear sir, yours in the gospel, ROBERT CLARK. From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VII, page 146.

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It is likely the meetings took place here.

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