Felton (1864)

At the request of the Rev W Floy minister here and several other friends interested in the cause of Christ, Dr Bonar, of Kelso, was applied to for the services of one of his missionaries, Mr Murray, who has been at Alnwick and Glanton, and several other places in Northumberland, and whose name had reached here. Several attempts have been made to arouse the people to concern in eternal matters here, but they all seemingly failed until now. The first night Mr Murray arrived he consented to hold a meeting that evening and was listened to with great interest. Mr Murray sets forth the person of Christ, the work of Christ, the power of Christ, the blood of Christ, and Christ's coming glory. He spoke the first night from Jer xxi 8, "Behold I set before you the way of life and the way of death." Some left the chapel in deep concern. At the end of the third night the chapel was full; people came from curiosity, but they continue to come now...

On Sabbath the place was crowded to overflowing, and many left who came miles, and could not get a seat. Mr Murray holds meetings every night, and the interest is great; the town and the country round seem moved, and all the talk is about religion. Some most blessed results have followed his labours. One man who has not been for thirteen years is now changed. All characters come to hear; also all classes, rich and poor, Church folk and Roman Catholics.

"The Revival," February 18th, 1864.

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