The Mission Hall, Nottingham (1873)

My dear brother in Christ, - I send you a few lines to cheer the hearts of many of your readers who have so often prayed for this place. We would have them to be sharers with us in the joy we have latley had in seeing many brought to Christ.

A month ago, after much prayer, I was led here. Our Brother Dr Popham threw open the mission hall. The very first night souls were saved and on each successive evening the interest increased and at the end of the first week we found it needful to pitch a large tent capable of holding 1000 persons and there we have been for nearly three weeks, preaching the grand old story of the cross to a full tent on the week nights and on Lord’s day to an overflowing congregation. All classes seemed to have received blessing at the meetings. Those who have had only ”a name to live" have attended and got convicted and converted. We have seen the drunkard and a Good Templar side by side weeping about their sins, the one getting cured of his drunkenness through the gospel of Jesus and the other not satisfied with himself but at perfect peace when he found Jesus.

Last night I should think nearly 30 professed to find peace. We were singing and speaking and dealing with the anxious for nearly four hours and this is one of the many meetings we've had. I would not number Israel, but I would say that during the last month not one meeting has passed but souls have been saved - sometimes eight, sometimes 20 and even more have professed to find Jesus. We sang through the streets each night and very often hundreds followed us.

We have had precious meetings with believers. Many who in the past have been wavering and doubting and now realising what they are and what rest in Jesus means.

Oh, beloved brother, I can only say, after wandering through the three kingdoms for the past eight years, that it is my firm conviction today that there is nothing else on earth to lift the masses but the gospel of Christ. We must have no more world mending. We must keep at the one thing and that is a dying, living and coming to Jesus.

Richard Weaver is 8 miles from here, having great blessing. Praise God!

"The Chrisian", November 20th, 1873

Additional Information

I do not know where the Mission Hall was.

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