Old Theatre Royal, Nottingham (1864)

A body of warm-hearted brethren about a year since, invited Richard Weaver to Nottingham. They made it a matter of special prayer that the Lord would send him. Considerable opposition was in it but the Lord has been graciously pleased to answer believing prayer, and Richard Weaver arrived at Nottingham on January 16th, to the great joy of many of the Lord's people.

On Sunday afternoon he preached in the Theatre Royal to about 2,000 people who listened attentively to the words of eternal life; and again in the evening when the doors were thronged long before the time of opening. The place was densely packed with all classes of people, numbers of whom had come distances of twenty or thirty miles. His energetic style of relating accounts of his past life was most impressive; many stout-hearted men whose eyes were strangers to tears, were seen weeping and deep sighs came from hearts long steeled to a tenderness. At the close of the service a good number came forward and witnessed to the power of God. May He keep and bless them.

Three services were held during the week in Park Row chapel; on each occasion large numbers were unable to gain admittance. The preacher held up Jesus, and the Spirit of God mightiy moved on the assembled crowds and many we believe were the slain of the Lord.

RICHARD WEAVER, writing from Altrincham, says, "I was at Nottingham last week and had a glorious time there. I met with some valiant soldiers for Christ - men that feared neither man nor devils - men who used to be in the front rank of Satan, but now they have been washed and are labouring for Christ. We had a fine time in the Lord bringing souls to Himself.

"The Revival," February 3rd, 1864.

During the last fortnight, the Lord has been graciously pleased to manifest his saving power in the salvation of souls. Mr G. F. Mather, of Birmingham, has been labouring in the chapel in which Richard Weaver preached a few weeks since, and many names have been registered as giving their hearts to Jesus, and are now experiencing joy and peace through believing. Mr Mather, who has been a valiant soldier for Satan, was converted under Dr and Mr Palmer, at Birmingham, about twelve months since. He was known in the pugilistic circle as the "Runcorn Novice;" has fought several prize battles; been many times in prison; had both his ankles broken, teeth knocked out, and his head broken, during his wild career. Was very tenderly and affectionately brought up by respectable and praying parents, but was led astray during his apprenticeship, by men who ought to have taught him better things. But the 15th of March, 1863, a mother's prayers were answered in the salvation of her darling lad, and he is now preaching the gospel to the Glory of God.

The services are still being carried on and some each evening are professing to give their hearts to the Lord.

"The Revival," March 3rd, 1864.

Additional Information

Position in St MarY Gate is unknown, it was destroyed during the war.

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