West End (1860)

The work of God is reviving among the different sections of the Christian church here. Among the sailors also the Spirit of God is moving: many have already been brought to a saving knowledge of the truth. At a place called West-end, about six miles distant, the Revival has begun in good earnest. In that place, a most benighted spot, the word of God has been preached for years without any apparent success. Indeed it seemed to get worse and worse. To all appearance, God had given them up to the hardness of their hearts; but all at once the light began to dawn, and now continues to increase. God has richly poured out of his Spirit upon them, from children to grey-headed old men and women. They sought mercy, and found it, and are now rejoicing in a once crucified, but now risen Saviour. In this village alone, about 50 persons profess to have found peace by believing in Christ Jesus. In one family (upon whom the Spirit of God has been poured out, and several members of it brought to the Saviour), a few Sabbath evenings past, four children were left at home to take care of the house. They proposed among themselves to hold a prayer-meeting and did so. They prayed, and read, and sang. God heard those children; and in answer to prayer, one of them was enabled to believe in the Lord, and know his sins forgiven. This little boy is holding on his way rejoicing. We can vouch for the truth of these statements, as the persons are almost all known to myself and family. May God carry on this blessed work. JA

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume II, page 75.

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