Bolton Wesleyan Chapel (1859)

It pleased God, in answer to the believing prayers of His people, to pour out His Spirit on several of our congregations; and many of our services, both in the town and in the country, were "seasons of grace and sweet delight."I might make many extracts from my journal of this date but must only take a few. "September 24th. We had a remarkable Band-Meeting. One young man came from a considerable distance to attend it and told us that he found peace with God in a coal-pit. A poor woman said that after she got converted her husband threatened to take away her life if she went any more to the chapel. But one night he was so deeply distressed on account of sin that he could not sleep. He got up and prayed, and a few days after became a new man. 'Now,' said the woman, ' our home, which used to be a scene of drunkenness and misery, is one of peace, and harmony, and love.' "

The services of Sunday, September 25th, were remarkably hallowed. In the evening at Bridge Street, several young men and women were enabled to believe in Christ, and it was most delightful to observe a young woman seeking out her brother among the penitents and then pointing him to the cross. He was made happy, and they rejoiced together.

From 'A Christian Mother - memoirs of Mrs Thornley Smith 1885, page 17

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